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Frequently asked questions

What is the GolfPosturePOD?
The GolfPosturePOD is a patented training aid that teaches you one of the most important aspects of playing great golf: maintaining your posture throughout your entire swing. This allows you to generate more power, speed and efficiently deliver it to the ball resulting in more distance, accuracy and consistency.
Who is the GolfPosturePOD for?
The GolfPosturePOD helps golfers of all levels and abilities “feel” what it’s like to maintain their posture and use their lower body properly on the downswing. Most amateur golfers at all levels “come out of their swing” to some degree or have significant spine angle changes during the downswing which leads to errant shots, inconsistency and loss of power.
How does the GolfPosturePOD work?
Simply take your stance on the GolfPosturePOD, place your backside against the spring-loaded pad, and make your swing without losing contact with the pad. By maintaining contact with the pad, you will avoid the common problem of “standing up” or “coming out of your swing.” At the same time, you will finally FEEL what it’s like to maintain your posture throughout your swing and how use your lower body properly.
Why does the GolfPosturePOD work?
The GolfPosturePOD is based on the concept of Reactive Neuromuscular Training (RNT), an approach utilized by many strength and movement specialists. RNT is a corrective strategy used to “feed-the-fault.” In other words, it forces you to “over-compensate” during the performance of a movement, helping you correct the faulty movement pattern. Exercise bands are often used for this purpose -- the GolfPosturePOD uses a tensioned, spring-loaded pad to achieve the same effect.
Who invented the GolfPosturePOD?
The GolfPosturePOD was invented by Eanna Rushe, one of the leading biomechanics experts in golf. For the past 20 years, Eanna has been studying how the human body can and should most efficiently, powerfully and consistently swing a golf club, and he invented the GolfPosturePOD to help golfers of all levels learn how to do it.
Where Can I Use the GolfPosturePOD?
Because the GolfPosturePOD has a small footprint, weighs only 10 pounds, has a carry handle, and can be folded up for easy portability and storage, it can be taken and used almost anywhere: at the driving range, in your basement or garage, at your office, at an indoor golf studio, or at the gym.
Is the GolfPosturePOD backed by a 100% money-back guarantee?
Yes! The GolfPosturePOD will instantly help you feel and maintain the right posture throughout your golf swing, helping you to hit the ball longer, more accurately and more consistently than you ever have before. If you disagree after trying it, just send it back to us within 30 days of purchase and we will promptly issue you a full product refund.